Britse “waakhond” verbied homeopaten de CEASE therapy toe te passen!!

/ april 2, 2021

Homeopaths ‘forbidden’ from offering autism ‘treatment’ by government watchdog

Homeopaths have been warned by a government watchdog that they have three months to stop advertising therapies that claim to treat autism.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) said on Thursday that it would be renewing its accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths on the condition it could no longer claim to treat certain conditions.

In a statement on the PSA website it said the society must make clear that members must not practice or advertise therapies for autism.

“Specific reference must be made to the society’s position forbidding the practice of CEASE and dietary/nutritional supplements,” it said.

CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Austistic Spectrum Expression and was invented by a Dutch doctor called Tinus Smits who died of cancer in 2010. The therapy reportedly involves “detoxing children of the vaccines and antibiotics” held responsible for the condition through extremely high doses of Vitamin C and dietary changes.

Sophie Gallagher@scfgallagherThursday 13 February 2020